2011. július 21., csütörtök

Üzenet a Next Generation-nek Amerikából

Továbbítom egy kedves ismerősünk üzenetét, amit a csoportnak írt - Arizona-ból. Eredetiben írom, sajnos már nincs időm lefordítani az utazás előtt, kérnék majd egy angolul tudót, hogy kommentben írja meg a fordítást, hogy mindenki érthesse.

Dear Roland,
I want to thank you so very much for the messages from The Next Generation group - it was wonderful to read the various comments from everyone. 
It was great to see your Mom again and I really appreciate her bringing that to me!  Thank You!
My hope is that you and as many of the Next Generation group as possible can join us next year in Long Beach for the 30th Anniversary celebration of Sunrider.  Let us all set that as a new goal for 2012! 
I spoke with Edina over convention and she is suggesting my next visit to Hungary for the weekend of October 1st.  It seems like a long time away but it will be here very fast so I will look forward to seeing you again then. 
Have you been training for any races recently?  For me it has been a renewed focus on Karate as my goal is to test for my 2nd degree black belt in December - I have a lot of work to do - LOL!!!!!
Please say hello to Timea, the entire family and all of our Next Generation group for me. 
Talk to you soon.  Mack 

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